Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Menswear to Streetwear.

Shot by Naj Wareham.
( @najwareham )

( @stevenonoja )




Looks inspired by the film Forrest Gump. The khaki suit with sneakers and baseball caps. I had to air tie this one to complete the look. It's awesome that this is a casual attire these days.

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Zero UV Eyewear. Zero UV. GET IT HERE. ( FIRST LOOK )
  • Supreme Cap. Supreme. GET IT HERE. ( SECOND LOOK )
  • J.Crew Linen Shirt. E.Tittlemouse and Co. $20.00 ( FIRST LOOK )
  • Band Of Outsiders Shirt. Buffalo Exchange. $25.00 ( SECOND LOOK )
  • Forever 21 Men Suit. 21 Men. GET IT HERE.
  • Bally Monk Strap. Ann's Closet Thrift Shop. $20.00 ( FIRST LOOK )
  • Adidas Stan Smith. Adidas. $90.00 ( SECOND LOOK )

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Denny for Nokia.

Shot by Jedd Kristjan.

I'm proud to announce that I'm one of NOKIA influencer. This is their Lumia 928 for Verizon phones! Amazing picture quality and overall great smart phone! 

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Vintage Woolrich Wide Brim Fedora. AMT Vintage. $30.00.
  • Big Star Usa Denim Jacket. Big Star Usa. $150.00.
  • Vintage 80s Ralph Lauren Button Down. Ann's Closet. $5.00.
  • Acne Studios Jeans. Buffalo Exchange. $15.00.
  • Vintage 60s Florsheim Brogues. AMT Vintage$60.00.
FINAL TALLY = $260.00

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Denny for Aeropostale.

I was chosen by Aeropostale represent their new #AERONOW campaign as a brand ambassador! I'm going to be completely honest, I probably haven't shopped with Areo since High School. However, after seeing their new products I was impressed and was on board immediately. Aero has really grown up and stepped it up. Their pieces now cater to teens through early 40s and maybe even beyond. A timeless, simple and fun new approach! Check it out.

A++ for Aero.

Also, I will be hosting the launching event tomorrow at Manhattan Mall, so feel free to stop by and hang with me!

Shot by Valine Syke.
( @valineciaga )

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Rugby Aeropostale Shirt. Aeropostale. $23.00. GET IT HERE.
  • Forever 21 Men Chino Joggers. 21 Men. $25.00. GET IT HERE.
  • Nike Mustard Suede Blazer. Nike. $90.00.
FINAL TALLY = $138.00

Shot by Jedd Kristjan.

Apparel Breakdown:

FINAL TALLY = $376.00